There are so many books I want to start reading, but I usually tell myself “Amanda, you’ve got way too many other assigned readings for class to complete and blah blah blah” (goes exactly like that). Then today I realized why am I telling myself I don’t have enough time… Time reminds me of the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I think of that when time becomes a question.

I think our personal views on how we portray time, speaks a lot about a person. For me, I am a workaholic, i always need to be doing something (mainly towards goals, not partying), communicating/helping others, etc.

I rarely can take a break and be okay about it. Today for example, I had a friend/employee tell me to not come into the office and to solely focus on my studies. I completed a lot of homework and readings, but I had to go into the office to make sure no one needed my help. The main point is that time is valuable to me. I want to soak up every hour of every day and have it all benefit MYSELF and OTHERS.

As a 22 year old young woman, I catch myself thinking I haven’t done enough with my life yet. Theres so much I want to do, change, accomplish, absolutely everything and anything.. I am way too hard on myself, because i have done SO much.. I am a hardcore over achiever within myself, so anything I do will never be good enough. Is that a bad thing?

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