June 23rd will be a year since I’ve moved to San Marcos, Texas.. All I can say is ‘really? Where did the time go?’

I remember the first few days after my sister and boyfriend (at the time) left to go back to Florida after helping me move, and how lonely I felt. I was hoping and wishing that those weeks would fly by.. Now I have one more week left of spring semester, first year done with grad school, one more year left to go and one more year left of my assistantship that I am loving entirely. The people I’ve met and the experiences I have gathered within just one year, is simply beautiful.. Beautiful because people have been welcoming and the experiences are becoming memorable. Even though its hard to define what life is all about – I’d like to say that life has 7.2 billion different definitions. Isn’t that amazing? Every single day of my life and yours, is working towards a fulfillment, a yearning to experience everything. If you’re not happy with something, change it. If you want to begin something new, start it. When you don’t do anything about something – thats failure, in my opinion. Learn to love yourself and be comfortable with change. Let it excite you, because thats one thing I’ve learned; to do things I normally would NEVER do..I’ve grown very fond of my opinions and advocacy. I am a woman filled with ideas, passion, stubbornness, and courage (and much more, but I’m being modest).

Self-reflection is something I do often and to be honest, it’s the best thing for my well-being. Moving to a different state not knowing anyone or anything, really motivated me in numerous ways. I encourage you to try it. Hopefully I can live in a different country for a few months or even a year..

The reason for this post was to actually brag about Wake the Dead Coffee House. Their coffee – amazing – and the atmosphere is influential. I ordered a hazelnut latte, and look at me, I’m typing away about life… This is why I love coffee, cafés, coffee houses, etc… You have to try their iced toddy or their lattes.. can’t go wrong.



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