I started this entry about how I have been yearning attention from a man, but I deleted all of that nonsense and realized that its typical for a 23 year old young woman to think “What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I still single and not married with two children already?” WRONG! What a fucking relief that I’m single, no children (besides my wonderful, cute, amazing dog), and get to spend all my income on bills, MY family, MY friends, and whatever else I want (I’m talking like I make a billion dollars… I find it hard to even rub two pennies together).

Besides all this – I still find myself thinking about what it would be like to share all these memories with someone significant. To put it simple; I miss love. I know one day my glorious man will cross my path. Maybe he has already and I just don’t know it.. If you have, please cross my path again and just stop in front of me, because I walk really fast with a thousands thoughts running through my mind that I probably didn’t even notice you.

Honestly, I’m laying in bed right now wishing someone was next to me, which is making me lose my motivation to actually complete this entry the way I wanted to…

Goodnight world.


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