Fabulously Flawed

It’s been awhile since I’ve written something.. But life has definitely gotten the best of me these past few months.

When you really take time to see what life is worth, it really takes you back. My sweet, amazing, wonderful grandfather passed away last week and it still hasn’t hit me. I know he’s still with me, just not physically.. Which pains my heart. It pains my heart even more knowing that my mother, grandmother, and uncles are so saddened and hurt by his loss and I wish I could take away all of their suffering. My pupa lived an amazing life; created a family, changed peoples lives, but most of all – he embarked on a wonderful journey and created his own pursuit of happiness for others to cherish too.

The acceptance will get easier, but you can’t help but to have a little part of your heart missing.


I’ve let my flaws and weaknesses really shed some light lately. Going out of my comfort zone is something I’ve grown to really enjoy. Doing things I wouldn’t normally do (which is very little), saying things I wouldn’t normally say in situations.. Just shaking the world in a gentle way.

There are no mere words to describe how I feel about life. Proceeding as if success is inevitable, love is pure & honest, kindness is still prominent, and a simple smile lights up someone’s day. Am I naive to think that the world is capable of being this way? Sure.

All of these feelings really tie in with my current job.. I love what it entails, what it brings, and how it changes students lives (especially mine). These past two days I’ve gotten to do my one on one meetings with them and to see them talk about how well they’re doing, the plans in action, etc., really justifies why I’m in this field. Knowing that I was in their shoes at one point really helps me empathize and relate with them. The reason why I brought this up is because, believe it or not, my staff and the students I oversee make me excited to start my days. They are an intuitive piece throughout my journey in life, and I bet they don’t even know that 🙂

Last thought – I’m not perfect and I never want to be. I love the fabulous woman I am becoming, flawed and all.

Join my movement: fabulouslyflawed.org

Be the change.


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