The sky was so beautiful today, and I couldn’t help but to think:

“Why do we wait till we pass, to experience heaven?”.

Why can’t today, be our heaven? Despite all the evil that happens regulary, think about all the good.. We’re so blinded by social media, politics, drama, and people who shouldn’t matter.. It fogs everything; the beauty that surrounds us.

The sky was so pretty, so peaceful. Everyday we experience a moment of peace, but its up to us to find out when its happening. When you do, put the pieces together to live in that moment; embrace it, grasp it.. and then finally – let it go.

Witnessing the sky, was my moment of peace. My moment to just stand still, shut the noise out, and cleanse myself from all the stress and frustrations. There are others who are enduring much more than I am right now, and although my problems may just be as relevant as theirs, I can’t help but to constantly put my problems aside and my emotions on hold.

Today was not that day – You ever have a really super tough, pushing yourself to the limit, type of workout (might happen on a daily for some of you)? Well, have your emotions ever made you feel that exhausted? Almost like your chest caves in, heaviness develops under your eyes, and your body becomes fatigued?

These emotions make me strip down to my bare essentials. Every fiber of my being, learning and relearning what it is to be me. To be me; to love myself the right way – to love truly. Emotions reveal the secrets we hide, that everyone knows we need to share and that need to be told. Because someone’s heart is holding the same stories and secrets; hearts holding the test of time in hands so worn and weathered that you feel as if they might break if you shared, but in your surprise, they won’t. For they will hold on – so tight that no same pain will ever pierce them again.

While you’re holding on, keeping all the pieces together when you’re doubting yourself the most;

Out of nowhere – you will find that sudden, random, perfect moment of peace – your heaven. 



my heaven

If you look closely, from the bottom left reading to the right, it looks like the word Love is being spelt.. Maybe my moment of peace was a reminder to myself, that love surrounds us at all times – even through the hardships, battles, and everything in between. Learn to love through your actions..

It wouldn’t hurt to be someone’s little, random, moment of heaven – just like the sky was for me.

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