I’ve been trying to write this post since the first of February and since then, I’ve had constant writers block. It’s been extremely frustrating and has taken me off my mojo.

Mentally – I finally feel back on my A game (woo-hoo).

There’s something amazing about being a beginner at something.. that innocence of not knowing, messing up is okay (sometimes almost expected), and that mindset of “Hmm, I might actually be really great at this”.
My example is CrossFit. Did I have perceived ideas about this sport before I tried it? Yes. Did I think I wasn’t strong enough to fulfill this sport? Yes. Did I think it was going to be intimidating, expensive, and just ultimately out of my realm? YES.

But guess what? The money, intimidation, my built/strength, and all those miscellaneous thoughts I had meant nothing the first day I started and continued. I absolutely love where I work out, the people are great, the workouts kick my ass, and its my escape from reality. Don’t even think for one second that I’m still not a beginner – because I am haha! Thats what I love about it though, I am continually learning about my strengths, inner self – how I can continually push my self to be greater and greater.

Also, blogging was new for me at one point too.. But I went for it and people seemed to like my writings (unless they’re really good liars). Most importantly, I loved writing publicly in hopes that others could be uplifted by my thoughts, writings, pictures.. you name it.

If you want to start something, do it. Say something, say it. Be something, be it. This world is too pretty for the negativity, ugliness, pessimistic attitudes, and frowns.. Buy yourself a flower, milkshake, new socks, or candy.. better yet, a donut. Who doesn’t love donuts? Not me… I freakin’ love donuts.

Getting off track –

My question to you:

Why is that when we start something, after spending years and years trying to master it; living and breathing this very sport/hobby, we quit after thinking we’ve “reached” our peak? 

I know plenty of people who have said “Oh yes, I used to do that in college or when I was little”… Well why’d you stop?

Then we wait till we’re in our seasoned years to wonder if we still have what it takes.. If it makes you happy, defines you, makes you feel on top of the world – keep pursuing it.

Why do we wait till we’re in these later years to appreciate the value of our own happiness?

We feel like work is more important nowadays, we let it consume us; GROSS.. Not allowing ourselves to embody the importance of LIFE. I’m not some rich, 23 year old, young woman who doesn’t have bills to pay or has no worries.. Life isn’t peachy and rainbows for me, probably just like how it isn’t for you too. But we need to remind ourselves that we literally have the world at our very tippy toes.

Grab a new book, try a new coffee shop, find a cheap plane ticket, try AirBnB (I’m hinting something – you know who you are hehe), do something that makes you hesitate a little and jump for it.. I just signed up for my first 5k (Thank you Marilyn!), which is something I’ve been wanting to do FOREVER!

You’ve got to continuously look forward to something, big or small.. But don’t forget about your daily blessings – family, friends, significant others, and just the mere fact that you woke up on this beautiful Wednesday, February 10th, 2016.. Another day to be thankful, another day to spread love and guidance, and most importantly – another day to be you. 


For all my book peeps, I’m currently reading:

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (Thanks to my girl Lindsay)

Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert

Well those are my casual readings… No one wants to know what I am being forced to read…. Grad school… Enough said.

P.S. – I just realized I am reading two books with authors who have the same last name… Can anyone tell me if they’re related please? How funny….

P.S.S. – I would really love some feedback, opinions, or thoughts about what I’ve written… share the love!


Just for fun..

Rue sleeps in this weird position..

Gabby also sleeping in a weird position..

Sami in Morocco.. weird that I’m not with her..

I would like everyone to witness my mother texting me about her “favorite” child. LMFAO.

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