Falling – Failing – Flawing

My mind is constantly thinking, especially right when I lay down to go to bed. Usually I’ll just type the thoughts I’m thinking about on my iPhone and I’ll be set- but tonight I just had to share what was running through my head because I’ve got a crazy few weeks ahead of me (actually these next few months are going to be crazy), and just in case any of you are in the same boat – could appreciate this post.

I know I’ve preached this in almost every post, but sometimes when I’m stressed / overwhelmed / fed-up / disheartened or anything along those lines – I find myself, deep in my thoughts, realizing these very important things:



At this moment where you are, is not a description of who you are. Life wouldn’t be called a journey if that was the case. Because everyone’s journey is different; everyone finds their “ah hah” moments in different chapters. If you would’ve met me ten years ago, you’d think I was going to be a naive, gullible person for the rest of my life – well thats not who I am now. The best and most beautiful way to explain your self description, personally, is the very dash that goes between your date of birth and the date you pass. That dash exemplifies the very life you lived – there are no words to encompass the memories, experiences, love shared, friendships made, losses, heartbreaks, and so many other invaluable moments.. You can’t measure or define love, so how can you do that for your description of life? Well, the best thing I could come up with, if I had to: Life is my favorite kind of everything; everything that I can’t name.

In the grand scheme of things, life has many ups and downs.. Sometimes we harp too much on the lows, but lets try to think of those moments differently, starting now:

Falling – whether falling in love, falling down a certain path, or falling for the unforeseen.

Failing – whether we fail at marriage, work, or school.

Flawing – But, we are all human – so our fallings and failings only make us flawed; which in my opinion; flawed is fabulous.

So embrace the fallings & failings, because you’ll only become a fabulously flawed human being. What’s more beautiful?

Got to go – I’ve got a life to garden 🙂



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