This morning, I went on this long and scenic run, it was too beautiful not to. But while I was running, I was thinking about the difference in pace between my legs and breathing (obviously trying not to huff and puff like a cow). Then I started relating the pace I was running and breathing, to life – especially the route I took to run.. I chose the more difficult route because I wanted to only think about running; my pace, breathing, and being disconnected from everything. I wanted to run out all of my emotions, thoughts, assumptions, and all those terrible things that add up that no one really wants to think about.

Every step we take and every breath we inhale, is all at a different pace, right? Whether you take a step forward, backwards, or even sideways – we all eventually get there. Your “there”, is probably much different than mine, but nonetheless, they both hold the same importance. Because you are just as equal as me, and even though our paces might be different, we’re both human. We all still feel pain, happiness, sorrow, and excitement.. along with the 100 other emotions.

Every breath we take holds value, because in order to take that next step, we have to inhale – inhale the pain, happiness, sorrow, or excitement. Each step and each breath will become a little more easier and little more purposeful. At least, thats what I have to tell myself.

Lets stop wasting what we take for granted – that breath you just took. Lets start there.

It’s time you stepped forward to claim whatever it is you want from life.
When in doubt, show up early. Think less. Feel more. Ask once. Give thanks. Expect the best. Appreciate everything. Never give up. Make it fun. Lead. Invent. Regroup. Wink (winking is always fun, even if you’re bad at it). Chill. Smile. And live as if your success was inevitable, and so it shall be.


duke forest

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