Winner’s Circle

Why is it that we take notice of those who live in a bigger house than us, drive a faster car than us, or owns the newest iPhone? Why aren’t we rejoicing at the glory of our bounty? Indulging in the dance of life? Or thriving with dominion over all things?

We forget, that even our simple presence in this bastion of order, beauty, and perfection – is a far greater accomplishment than anything that subsequently happens upon it.

Despite all of this political mayhem – I have never been more inspired, motivated, and proud to be a woman. Speaking up, voicing opinions/thoughts, and kicking ass doesn’t intimidate me. Proving myself and my worth has nothing to do with you or the stale white men who think they run this country – it has all to do with ME and JUST ME. If you’re a determined, hard working immigrant, a beautiful person of color, or someone who loves someone no matter if they’re female/male – EMBRACE ALL OF THAT.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now and I see so many different cultures, skin colors, smiles, styles, relationships…. everything… and each person may not know what everyone might be battling, going home to at the end of the day, if they’re republican or democrat, or whether they voted Trump or Hilary.. It’s like everyone is innocent – there’s innocence in the air. I love this. It’s almost like watching a storybook live.

I understand that not everyone thinks like me, acts like I do, or is “mushy gushy” (which is absurd because i know everyone has a mushy gushy side) about why people are the way they are.. Maybe it’s the heartbreaks I’ve been through, the love I’ve been showered with, or the way I was raised – but life has humbled me in a way like no other and I’d like to think that most people on Earth are like this – actually, I HAVE to believe everyone is like this.

If I lose hope in the very people who I walk past everyday, randomly smile at, or become acquaintances ¬†with – I’d lose hope in many, many things.

The beauty about kicking ass at life, just for the sole purpose for myself – I’m actually doing it for others all at the same time. My sisters, brother, mother, friends, family, strangers, EVERYONE.

It takes one person to change something.. and guess what? You can be the spark to anything whether you’re a person of color, lesbian, gay, trans, jewish, muslim..

The greatest obstacles between you and the life of your wildest dreams – are actually imaginary, a product of your mind alone, absolute fiction.

Allow yourself to feel accomplishment, triumph, and sublime joy – give that to yourself.



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