Fiercely Delicate & Powerfully Beautiful

Fiercely delicate and powerfully beautiful; that’s what I thought of when I took this photo. I thought about the delicacies that women encompass and also the strengths we embody. I find that so accurately poetic and when I witnessed those words of expression come to life on a basketball court in an old gym- it made me pause for a moment. But not the kind of moment that stops your train of thought for a few seconds.. No, this moment was for an extended period of time that really made me reflect on what it’s like to be a woman. a 26 year old woman. a strong woman. an emotional woman. a woman that doesn’t shy away from hard work. a woman that can say no but tells herself yes. a woman that needs reminding that its okay to feel and be vulnerable.. a woman just being human.

This picture reminded me that women should never forget that when we show up, we show up and even our most subtle presence in this bastion of order, beauty, and perfection – is a far greater accomplishment than anything that subsequently happens upon it.

I find myself in this constant, clouded battle on how to empower young women the right way.  I don’t want them mad, angry or fearful. I want them feeling unstoppable, fearless and capable of all things.. But at the same time, I’m still trying to overcome my anger with today’s climate and decompressing my own personal emotions.. am I really the right person to empower them? When will I be ready and confidently know that I am? I’m still naive, still learning, still failing and I still find myself trying to do everything while simultaneously be everything, to everyone.

But after looking at this photo for a length of time, I found the message that was trying to escape through the screen.. That beauty and venerability is strength. and even if I’m not necessarily ready..and maybe I arrive a little late..or I don’t fit your can guarantee that I will always show up.

she is showing up- because even on the days where finding the strength seems impossible, she still wakes up, takes the next five minutes searching for a ponytail and then reminds herself that whatever comes her way today, she’s not expected to get over it or work through it – because she will learn from it and show up tomorrow even more fiercely delicate and powerfully beautiful. 


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