Go vs. Stop

As each day begins and ends, time often passes by so quickly – I’m always wondering, where did today go? What did I even accomplish? Always playing catch up.. I shouldn’t have to pause, think, really think again, and then try to remember all the things I did – whether they were mindless tasks or checked off goals.
I hate to admit, but I often have this sense of guilt – which lingers in the pit of my stomach – like I didn’t take advantage of today and had it been my last day on earth, would I have been satisfied?… absolutely not. But the reason I’m writing/thinking about this is because i don’t feel that guilt when I’m spending time with certain people

I often feel like I have to give an excuse as to why I love spending so much time with my family.. but the reason is simple; time stops, the days go by slow, and I remember how much we laughed, loved, hugged, our conversations, and feeling happily content… And as I’ve gotten older and able to see life through developing lens, these are the kind of people I want to surround myself with, always.

But, that’s easier said than done.

To those individuals that i spend time with for a few hours everyday, once a month or that one special time a year – you are someone capable of stopping time for another being. Truly, my fixation to feeling emotion. Feeling alive. Feeling love. Feeling, me.

You are the missing puzzle piece.
The main ingredient to a tasteful recipe.
The formula that equates fulfillment.
And you are the remedy that clouds the inevitable fact that from the moment we are born, we begin to die.
Life is simple.
But life can hurt.
Life is confusing.
Which means life is full of growing pains and I hope love is there to balance out the hurt and confusion – and if it can’t be – then have love waiting for you when the pain has softened. Whether that be your pet, a reminder of some sort, or helping another person through their growing pains.

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