I used to wish that I knew my purpose in life – right when I woke up every morning; yearning that feeling of fulfillment, worthiness, and confidence, that at that very moment, my existence was meaningful.  People actually hope and wish to know their purpose, everyday. Could you imagine waking up, questioning why you’re even here? Trying to prove to yourself, action by action, that one day you are going to amount to something so admirable? What a life… Not.

Your existence is so one of a kind and no matter how many times you’ve failed and tried again, over and over – keep going, because thats all you got. How else will you find out what you’re capable of? What you’re talented at, what you enjoy, what you love.. You’re continuously finding new things about yourself, so doesn’t it make sense that YOU, one person (an amazing person), has many PURPOSES in life? Not just one?.. It took me awhile to realize that, but I am so happy I know this now.

I’ve experienced hardships, losses, sufferings, and all those terrible feelings we try to avoid; sometimes those are the very feelings we must temper with to find solace, but also, to see the beauty behind happiness. The way it comes in all different expressions; tears, smiles, hugs, eye contact, hand shakes, smirks, you name it.. Emotions are the most authentic quality every human wears. Sometimes our emotions take us into very dark places, places that I’ll never know of – but emotions are the very thing we act on. Spurs our first kiss or the very first ‘fuck you’.

Either way – I wanted to remind you that if today was a little bit harder than the rest, tomorrow is a new day – everything and anything is possible, which means you may find ANOTHER purpose why you’re here on this wondrous planet.

All in All:

Do you ever wonder whether you’re on the right path?

Do you sometimes feel vulnerable in new relationships?

Does certainty elude you when big decisions loom?

PERFECT – Because all the legends who came before you and I, also said yes.

Don’t stress; life is figureoutable.



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